Mirror Madness
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Mirror Madness

There are big working mirror on the wall and the floor! Use them to reach the end of each Level.

Use the reflexion of the level to see blocks that you can't see. You even got your own reflexions you can use to know were you are.

Step on Gold Block to swap with your wall reflexion. Step on Lapis Block to swap with your floor reflexion.

Effect Block

Lime Concrete: Jump Boost

Light Blue Concrete: Speed

Light Gray Concrete: Slow Falling

Lime Terracotta: Normal Snake

Green Terracotta: Invisible Snake (watch the mirror)

Red Terracotta: Super Fast Snake


This map has an online leaderboard where you can submit your time and compare it to the rest of the community.

You'll be given a link in the chat once you completed the map.

You can submit multiple time.

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Made By TheblueMan003

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How to Play

Single and Multiplayer - Java Edition